Mastering Daily Habits

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Mastering Daily Habits

Consistency is Key

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Without consistent, everyday habits, your attempts to “get healthy” will take a back seat as life gets hectic.

When life gets crazy, our bodies become out of balance, and we get distracted from doing the things necessary to live in a sustainable, healthy, and emotionally fit environment.

If it were as simple as writing out a list and sticking to it, everyone would be successful all of the time, and there would be no need for habit-tracking apps, post-it notes, calendars, or coaches.

Guess how many people type “healthy habits” into a search engine each month?

Less than 1% of the entire population of the United States! Of course, variations of that phrase will bump that number up, but not even ONE PERCENT of America is interested in that topic.
Or are they?!

Yes, people ARE interested in mastering daily habits, but where are they learning about it, and what tools are they using to stay inspired? SOCIAL MEDIA. APPS. IMAGERY. VIDEO.

How do I know?

Of my audience identifies health and wellness as a top interest.

The categories that are higher than health and wellness are all related:


Fitness & Gym


Trainers & Coaches


Outdoor Activity

So Why Are People So Interested in Health And Wellness On Social Media?

Social media makes the process of “daily mastering” more fun and helps people feel more supported in their pursuit of health and wellness. When we feel bored or alone, we’re more likely to fail. I failed at it myself, so I know it’s easy. Building consistent daily habits that work for you and your lifestyle are ESSENTIAL to overall success.

I’ll say that again: Building consistent habits daily that work for you and your lifestyle are ESSENTIAL to overall success. We as people are so bio-individual; what works for me may not work for you, and vice-versa! Let’s say you sign up for a specific plan/program or use a particular product/supplement; unless it fits into your lifestyle and works for YOU as an individual, it won’t work. It will only work in the long run if it matches your lifestyle or body chemistry.

For some, it’s a matter of changing a morning routine to an evening routine. For others, their lack of success comes from their negative self-talk, others’ negativity, or unrealistic goals and expectations.

For example: The more you tell yourself, “I’m too tired to read tonight; I’m going to wind down with some TV and a glass of wine,” the more you are enforcing THAT habit, plain and simple.

You are responsible for building discipline within yourself.

Megan's Journey

This example isn’t an all-or-nothing approach; lifestyle changes are about creating balance throughout the body. With more sustainable habits, you’ll never have to diet again. Diets have an end date, and so do their results. Lifestyle changes and good habits last a lifetime.

It’s okay to have a glass of wine or watch your favorite TV show; these things are fun and can still be enjoyed! It helps to recognize when your leisure activities keep you from reaching your goals. Strict schedules and a list of “should not” foods or activities running through your mind aren’t sustainable in the long run, but don’t let flexibility sabotage the goal of mastering daily habits.

At some point in life, we all experience unexpected/uncontrollable changes in our health status. Whatever the reason, if it’s outside the “not recommended by a physician” category, you’ve got to work around it.

Remember, the law of attraction applies here. Whatever you focus on, you will attract. One of my favorite examples is, “It’s easy to spot a yellow car when you are always thinking about a yellow car. It’s easy to spot an opportunity when you always think of it. It’s easy to spot reasons to be mad when you always think of being mad.” It’s also easier to continue the lifestyle when you start FEELING these changes working within your body and seeing the results firsthand. Remember, you GET to work out and move your body; you GET to fill your body with the foods your cells need to thrive (however it applies); you GET to do these things!

But you know what? Even on top of obstacles, it’s STILL possible to master daily habits in pursuing overall health and wellness. People do it every day, and you can do it too!

You are building a habit of every little thing you do regularly, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Every time you act on this particular behavior, you make it grow stronger. As a result, YOU grow stronger. And that strength will carry you through your next set of obstacles.

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