Wholistic Wanders Gift Guide

November 28, 2022

guide to gift giving

In the spirit of giving and health, wellness, and adventure, I’ve compiled a list of gifts that will work for everyone on your list, even your “reluctantly healthy” friends and family.

I know it’s easy to get a little grinchy at this time of year, but giving is good for you!

Tech Gifts

This is one of my favorite categories! So many cool and wonderful things; especially for the person who has everything.

Oura Ring

Oura is a personalized health tool that looks like a regular ring; it uses advanced sensor technology to deliver personalized sleep and health insights straight from the most reliable source: your body. It gives you sleep insights, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, illness monitoring, and more.

Oura is better than a regular “tracker app” because it gets to know your personal “normal.” It provides tailored insights to help you answer key questions and make the best decisions to maintain your health.

Power Bank for Adventuring or Camping

Adventure junkies require a “nearly immortal” power bank, and both of these are highly rated:

The Poseidon Pro is built for adventure. It’s waterproof, has a steel-like outer skin, and extreme hot or cold temperatures won’t have an effect on performance.

The Raddy SW5 is more than a power bank; it can serve as a radio and offers a solar power crank option if a wall outlet isn’t available for re-charging. Learn more at Radioditty.com.

*Note: I don’t own either of those power banks, but I chose them for this list because of their outstanding customer service reviews. In the event of a return or exchange, you shouldn’t have a problem with either company.

Zendure Technology Products

I found Zendure while searching for portable charger packs, and as I gathered more information, I’m so glad I found them! If you know someone who goes “off the grid” for adventures, check out the perfectly sized portable power station. If you love to support companies that are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing, check out their store on Amazon. You’ll find many more Zendure Technology products there.

Gifts for Friends

Giving any of these wellness or fitness gifts to a friend will make you both smile! While you’re shopping, grab a few for yourself, too.

Personalized Healthy Home Scents

Who doesn’t love walking into a home that smells divine? Check out Coastal980’s All Natural Wax Melts, they’re AMAZING. Choose from 19 different scents with all natural elements like essential oils, food grade extracts, and zero synthetic ingredients. Is your friend a hopeless romantic? Check out the botanical scents, too. (Self-care tip: Be sure to shop the skincare and apothecary section, you won’t be sorry).

Note: Wax Melts need a Wax Warmer
If your recipient is new to the wax melt world, they probably need a wax warmer. If you’re unsure whether or not they have one, I don’t think they’ll mind getting a second one. I recommend the Natural Mod Wax Warmer; it’s made in the U.S.A., comes with a timer, and uses a ceramic heater to melt the wax instead of a lightbulb.


Hair Accessories for Your Messy Bun Sister

We all have that one friend. She’s either pulling her hair up or looking for something to tie it back with on the fly. Soulvation is the answer! Forget about the products at the mall or the big box store – these hair ties are for grown ups who don’t have time to waste on hair ties that last one day. Check out the Boho styles, they’re the perfect combination of beautiful and casual.

Are YOU one of those people who are always reaching for something to pull their hair up? Treat yourself and grab a pack for you, too.

Gift for the Gym Addict:

How awesome are these personalized gym theme accessories and jewelry? Choose from fitness themed keychains, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. If you’re looking for something custom, don’t delay, place your order ASAP.

Gift for the Foodies

Aaaah, the foodies; everyone loves one or is related to one.
Thrive Market: Online Shopping for Organic & Healthy Ingredients
If your foodie loves to cook, you can’t go wrong with a Thrive Market Gift Membership. They can shop online for all of their cooking pantry staples, filter according to special needs (gluten free, dairy free, etc.) and get groceries and other supplies delivered right to their door. A definite WIN! If you’re not a Thrive Market member, do yourself a favor and get one for you, too.

Primal Kitchen

Another option for the foodie who is always trying new recipes and ingredients: Primal Kitchen. Buy their favorite sauces, dips, drink mixes, a pantry kit, or a gift card. Done and done!
Want to go a little “extra”? Print a recipe from Primal Kitchen’s blog and offer to cook it with them.

For the Adventurous Coffee Lover or Plant Based Protein Fanatic
Featured in Time, Bon Appetit, Good Housekeeping, and many others, Four Sigmatic is perfect for that person who LOVES to try new unique coffee flavors or plant-based proteins. Their products are sourced from mushrooms that contain adaptogens, known for their anti-stress effects. They offer sampler and holiday packs, a subscription package, AND a free mushroom academy for true enthusiasts.


Adventure Gifts

Waterproof Bags for Lake & River Sports

Booe has EVERYTHING for waterproofing. Even if your water sports fanatic has everything, you should still check it out. The company takes high-quality to another level.

Smart Phone Protector

Do you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to protecting your phone? Koala takes it to the next level! They have bulk order options, too, you may want to grab one for the active kids in your family, too.

Hiking Socks

REI carries a HUGE selection of Darn Tough socks; you’re sure to find something for the hiker in your life. Bonus: No one gets as excited as a hiker when they unwrap a new pair of hiking socks! Treat your feet to a pair of the heavy cushioning socks, they’re wonderful to wear around the house or inside your favorite rain boot.



It’s hard to find quality multi-purpose gear, especially when it’s a blanket. But never fear, RUMPL is here! Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this blanket. The quality of the product is unbeatable, but their “our story” page is one of the best out there.

Gifts for the Littles

The Do You Really Know Your Family Game is taking over holiday gatherings (and the internet) this year. If the kids can read, they can play. I haven’t played this on my list.

Do the kids have a beloved pet? Get a custom pet puzzle made for them at Uncommon Goods. Made in the USA, too!

For the toddler in the family, check out Delta GREENGUARD Gold Certified activity benches! Parents will appreciate these – a storage/activity combo. Here’s a link to the white activity bench; they’re available with multiple character options. The company has a store on Amazon, too.

Gifts for Teens

Healthy Hair Styling Product

Finally! Your teenager can ditch the flat iron AND the curling iron routine with this 100% organic cotton and pure silk heatless curling rod. If your recipient has long hair and a TikTok account, trust me, they’ve seen the ads and the rave reviews about a similar item (minus the organic cotton + silk).

Energy Drink Fix

Know someone who is addicted to energy drinks? Give them the healthiest option out there and they will thank you for it! Visit Solti.com and look for the ENERGY+ SuperShot drink. The price-per-bottle is less than the cost of a gas-station energy drink, and with a minimum supply of 24 bottles, you’ll be saving them a ton of money.

The Softest Beanie Ever

You’ll never hear complaints about the itchy beanie again! Grab a Soulvation Society Beanie for the most discerning “beanie enthusiast” – they are sure to love it! (Permission granted, get one for yourself, too!)


The Best Blanket Ever

The RUMPLE blanket is included in multiple categories because it’s THAT AWESOME and uses are endless. Blanket for a teen bedroom? Check! College dorm? Check! First apartment? Check! Adventurist? See the Outdoor & Adventure section below.


Gifts for the Parents, Grandparents or Inlaws


Primally Pure Home Collections

The Primally Pure Home Collection will make your health conscious home-loving friend or relative very, very happy! They have gifts for guys, ladies, new mothers, and non-toxic baby items too. Don’t forget to look at the special holiday collection.
Treat yourself to a little **self-care with Primally Pure Skincare products** The serums are AMAZING. Get 10% off at check-out with the promo code WHOLISTICWANDERS.

Did I miss something? Tell me what’s missing, I’d love to discover more awesome products for my ‘Must Haves’ list of 2023. If you’re recommending a book, I provide book recommendations online, please connect with me on GoodReads.



Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a modest commission or referral fee if purchases are made through those links. This adds no cost to you, my follower, and it helps fund my research and time for writing about the best wellness and adventure products. The integrity of product recommendations or listings is important to me; please reach out if you see a brand that doesn’t fit the wellness or sustainable model. There are several products listed that are not referring partners or part of my affiliate network.  

Are you a brand with a product that fits the health, wellness, and adventure lifestyle? I’d love to learn more about it! I’ll be releasing an EPIC wellness/fitness/adventure guide early next year and I’d love to learn more about your company. 

Written by Megan Adolph

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